At SBS we take pride in being recognized both as an IB PYP World School and a Cambridge International School. As such, our educational philosophy is deeply rooted in the concert of inclusivity – an unwavering commitment to ensuring that every student can reach their true potential, unencumbered by barriers. Central to this is our dedicated Student Support Services Department (SSS), resources with expertise that aligns with our core beliefs.

Our holistic approach to inclusion revolves around fostering an environment where all students, regardless of their unique needs, find acceptance and belonging. We firmly believe that individualized attention is paramount to achieving effective inclusion. Thus, the cornerstone of our commitment lies in meticulously assessing each learner’s distinct requirements and tailoring the right support mechanisms accordingly.

Through the comprehensive provision of our Student Support Services programs, we extend a helping hand in various areas – be it linguistic, cognitive, behavioral, or emotional. Our team of skilled educators and counselors work in tandem to create a seamless support network that not only addresses challenges but also nurtures strengths.

The Student Support Services department includes a dedicated and dynamic team of Learning Support teachers, Language Support Teachers, and School Counsellor/ Psychologist. The team consists of certified and licensed BCABa, RBT, Special Education specialists, and a psychologist, all united in their commitment to collaborative efforts with stakeholders. Together, we strive to realize common objectives and foster academic and personal growth of our students.

Language Support Programs

Our Language Support Programs encompass both EAL (English as Additional Language) and TAL (Thai as Additional Language), catering to learners requiring supplementary assistance in either English or Thai. These comprehensive programs are meticulously designed to cultivate proficiency across all language domains – listening, reading, writing – thus empowering students to attain fluency in both languages. By nurturing these essential skills, we are dedicated to nurturing effective bilingual learners who are poised to excel academically and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

The Learning Support Programs cater to students with mild to moderate learning requirements, employing a flexible approach that incorporates both push-in and pull-out support within one-to-one or small group settings. A dedicated Learning Support specialist spearheads these sessions, delivering precise interventions, classroom assistance, and tailored accommodations aligned with individual student needs. The identification of underlying issues is facilitated through the utilization of appropriate assessment tools and screening tests, conducted by proficient and certified experts. With a commitment to excellence, our curriculum encompasses specially crafted instructional programs and evidence-based intervention strategies, expertly structured to scaffold learners’ foundational skills and effectively overcome obstacles to learning.

Comprehensive assessment and intervention initiatives encompass a spectrum of needs, spanning from academic and behavioral challenges to vital life skills. These endeavors are spearheaded by a collaborative team of seasoned behavior specialists, dedicated special education teachers, and adept psychologists, ensuring a holistic and targeted approach to address the diverse requirements of our students.

Counseling Services

School counseling represents a professional offering within our school community of teachers, students, and families, under the guidance of our school psychologist.

In an ever-evolving world, where constant shifts present any number of different hurdles for students as they navigate their future paths, SBS stands as a cornerstone of support. With the aim to assist students in being able to confront and overcome many different challenges and our counseling programs and services are tailored to suit all needs. Whether it be academics, personal or social matters, our school counselor is able to provide the necessary support. The significance of an effective counseling program cannot be understated. They not only demonstrate our strong SBS values, but also stand as a pivotal factor in elevating student achievement and nurturing their, and the communities well-being.

Student Enrichment Program

Often, children exhibit the need for supplementary assistance that may not necessitate formal enrollment into the Learning Support Program. These areas of focus often encompass literacy, behavior, social-verbal interaction, and motor skill development. To address these specific areas, SBS has introduced a Student Enrichment Program, similar to the structure of the Extracurricular Activities (ECA) program, offering an empowering platform for students to surmount challenges and advance more effectively.

This extended learning support initiative seeks to broaden the spectrum of available assistance throughout the school community. The student Enrichment Programs are conducted after school hours, providing personalized attention through one-to-one or small group sessions facilitated by specialists from the Student Support Services team. Diverse programs are encompassed within this framework include ABA (applied Behaviour Analysis), Reading & Writing interventions, Art Therapy, and Gross Motor develop classes. Our goal is to develop students with comprehensive opportunities for growth, equipping them with the tools to overcome obstacles and flourish academically and personally.