Welcome to the IBPYP at SBS. The IBPYP provides our children with strong foundations for future success. In our Kindergarten and Primary schools, children learn how to learn. They discover who they are as people, develop their talents, and build areas of interest and expertise.

At SBS our children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity, to explore what interests them, to construct, test, confirm or revise their ideas of the world around them. Throughout this process children are making choices, establishing their voice, and taking ownership of their learning, while a skilled team of educators encourage, guide, observe, monitor, and document the process.

We believe in a holistic approach to education, where the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth is developed in conjunction with academic proficiency. We create a nurturing and safe environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Mark Gilheaney



I would like to welcome you to Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University on behalf of our wonderful team of staff, students and parents. SBS is the first bilingual IB PYP school in Thailand. SBS provides an exciting environment where children are able to explore new concepts and make connections. We are a progressive school always looking for new ways to support the different needs of our children, and we aim for impressive growth and development.

Our school is an International Baccalaureate Primary Year Programme and our curriculum meets not only local but also international standards. Our classrooms are colourful student-centered environments driven by an inquiry based approach to learning. Our aim is to develop natural curiosity and to nurture active, compassionate, lifelong learners. Through the values of IB, we inspire our children to be creative and independent learners.

At SBS, we aim to develop true global citizens who are aware of their social responsibility towards the local and global community. Our school is inclusive and we provide our learners with the tools for them to successfully meet their goals. All children grow and develop in different ways and it is important that children develop an understanding of themselves as a learner to be able to effectively reflect and set challenging goals themselves.

Our school offers a curriculum which will challenge your child to think critically and creatively. Our bilingual approach ensures that children become effective communicators in both Thai and English. Our high academic standards, excellent facilities and wide range of school activities offer a unique learning opportunity for your child. We would like to invite you to join us to experience these things by becoming a member of our SBS community.

Rhiannon Morgan

PYP Principal


A warm welcome to the SBS IB PYP webpage!! As an IB educator for over 12 years and an international educator, what I find amazing about IB PYP learners’ is their ability to connect with real world challenges. The ability to develop the skills that empowers them to think critically and globally. As a PYP coordinator, I take pride in how our PYPers at SBS are able to demonstrate a compassionate attitude towards the world around them.

Transdisciplinary Bilingual education enables our young learners to articulate their learning and understanding in multiple ways, by connecting their disciplinary knowledge and skills to solve real life issues and to share it with the school community. IB PYP at SBS provides our learners a platform to cultivate their lifelong learning skills, the attributes of a global citizen, and a passion for learning. All of which they can apply in their future career.

As an IB coordinator my role involves working closely with all the stakeholders at school for the successful implementation of the programme. The most joyful part of this role is to work with our PYPers and mentor their final year of IB PYP, where the learners proudly showcase all the knowledge, skills and understanding they have developed throughout the PYP during the IB PYP Exhibition. It showcases their journey through the IB PYP, a journey that celebrates the process of learning.


IB PYP at SBS is designed to meet the expectations of Thai MOE, and the curricular expectations to meet the demands when our PYPers join our secondary Cambridge programme, while keeping the values and standards of IB curriculum framework. At SBS we want our PYPers to grow as confident, compassionate and independent learners, who vision themselves as part of the community to ask, investigate and perceive solutions to various challenges. I would like to extend my invitation, and welcome all the family members to come and be part of this everlasting learning experience.

Babita Seth

IB PYP Director of Teaching and Learning