Welcome to Satit Bilingual School

Satit Bilingual School (SBS), a model school which originated from Rangsit University, teaches primary and secondary schoolchildren critical 21st-century skills. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly-professional teachers are focused on holistic learning and bilingual education, both of which develop the essential qualities your child will need tomorrow.

The workforce your child will enter after graduating from university will be very different from today. The United Nations’ International Labor Organization recently announced that up to 9.2 million Thais are at critical risk of being replaced by software and robots in the next two decades. In fact, nearly half of Thailand’s workforce is at risk. And the trend is global.

While these disruptions may seem threatening, they are simply redefining what it means to excel. Twenty-first-century leaders must be comfortable in many different cultures, highly creative, able to quickly sift through masses of information, focused despite the many distractions offered by digital-age communications and continually acquiring new knowledge. These are precisely the skills a holistic bilingual education can deliver.

Numerous studies indicate that fluency in more than one language offers countless developmental benefits. Truly bilingual children are able to code-switch faster, a reflection of their ability to quickly alternate between two languages. They acquire a third or fourth language more easily. They have the ability to grasp complex information more rapidly than monolinguals. They even enjoy superior emotional intelligence.

There are other immediate benefits to bilingualism. As SBS offers both a Thai and an English curriculum, your child can choose to study here or abroad. They’ll be equally comfortable no matter where they go. And that applies to their future careers, too.

Beyond the many advantages of bilingualism, SBS is also committed to holistic development and constructivist education. Our students are taught to learn, rather than being force-fed facts. We organize numerous activities outside the classroom; we offer overseas programs; we privilege to research and experimentation. As a result, our students develop a lifelong love of learning.

We are very proud of how our programme has allowed our students to flourish. They reap countless prizes in sports, arts and sciences. They gain acceptance at top universities in Thailand and abroad. And most of all, they excel in their careers. At SBS, bilingualism and holistic education methods guarantee every child gets “Double the Future.”

Dr Apiramon Ourairat

CEO, Satit Bilingual School