How to apply

Our staff at SBS is there at all times to help guide you through all the information you require to ensure the early days of our prospective partnership are as easy and productive as possible. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time for further advice or information. To find out more about Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University admission process, please call us at +66-2792-7500 – 4 Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 17:00.

Talk to our admissions specialist online

You are welcome to talk to our admissions specialist online. Please let us know when you are available and our staff will be happy to guide you wehether you are a new parent inquiring about our school or you would like to handle the entire admissions process online, including interviews and admission tests for your child.
We are available at your earliest convenience, please let us know the time that works for you and the option that you prefer:

  • Video call on this site
  • VooV (best option for our parents from China)
  • Zoom or Meet
Click here to access our admission policy document

You will have the opportunity to meet our dedicated leadership team in the comfort of your home. We look forward to meeting all our prospective parents, in person or online.
At Satit Bilingual School student admissions policy is guided by:

  • Will the student make a positive contribution to the school?
  • Do the parents support the school’s vision, mission and concepts?
  • Can the school provide the best opportunity for the child?
  • Students’ academic achievement and language proficiency are key criteria in the admissions process.

The cut-off date for entry to each of our grade levels is June 1st. For example, a child must be 3 by June 1st of the current year to enter K1, and 6 by 1st June of the current year to enter Primary 1. In cases where the child’s birth date is very close to the cut-off date and where parents feel the child should be in a higher year level, the child will still be placed in the appropriate grade according to our admissions policy, i.e. the ‘lower’ grade. Children will be moved from that grade only after a period of observation and upon the recommendation by the teacher and Principal. All placements are provisional in that they may be reviewed during the child’s first month at school.

The level of English of all non-native speakers applying for Grade 4 and up will be assessed before a place can be offered. The outcome of this assessment will determine whether or not a child will need English as a Second Language (ESL) support.

Here are the steps of the admission process, please click on the plus sign for more details:

Step 1: Providing Information to Prospective Parents

Please contact the Administration Office in order to collect the Prospective Parent Information Pack which includes:

  • School Profile
  • Application and Registration Procedures
  • International grade comparisons and usual age for entry to SBS
  • Summer programmes information
  • Schedule and Fees, including uniform and catering charges
  • Extra-curricular activities programme
Step 2: Making Your Application

Students holding other nationalities than Thai have to obtain an Education Visa while they are studying in the school.

Foreign students who do not hold Education Visa:

Please provide the supporting documents as follows on the enrollment day for the school to apply for an Education Visa.
Documents required to applying for education visa for foreign student:

  1. Copy of student’s passport
  2. Copy of parent’s passport
  3. Copy of grade report
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate of the student
  5. Family Registration List
  6. Copy of parent’s work permit
  7. Current monthly income tax for the parent
Step 3: Submission of application and time frame

New students are usually admitted in April, and the school will consider student applications mid-term in extenuating circumstances.

  • Grade placement and comparison to other systems are included in the Prospective Parent Information Pack. (Please read the comparison chart carefully for the normal entry to each grade level)
  • This application is considered complete when all requirements are received by the Admissions Office. Once all the requirements are met and received by the Admission Office, an interview will be arranged for you and your child.
  • Enrollment for summer programmes and extra-curricular activities require separate applications. For new-entry students attendance of summer programmes is compulsory prior to admission of the main school
Step 4: Admission Interview

Once all the admission requirements have been met and received by the Admissions Office, an admission interview will be made with the Principal.

  • Placement testing and / or an observation period focusing on a student’s academic achievement and language proficiency, usually a full morning, is required and will be arranged at the same time as your admission interview.
Step 5: Offer of Entry and Acceptance

When your application is successful, you will be sent a formal offer of a place for your child and a slip to confirm if you wish to take up the offer.

Step 6: Registration

Once you have returned the acceptance offer, the required fees should be paid to the Admissions Office. Registration is complete when all fees are received (refer to Announcement of SBS School Fees, section 5 – Conditions for payment).

Step 7: Information to registered students and parents

An information package for parents will be made available, which contains all the necessary information you will need to ensure a happy start to your child’s time at SBS. You will also receive a copy of the registration form indicating your child’s teacher and ID number. School uniforms should be purchased from the School Shop prior to their child’s first day.

  • The School will confirm student class placement one week prior to the start of the academic year.
Step 8: Orientation

Your child’s class teachers will write you a letter of introduction. Parents will be informed and provided curriculum information for the appropriate grade level.

  • Please note: As part of the application procedure, parents are required to designate persons authorised to collect your child from school. The Admissions Office will assist you with this.

Fees and Policy

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee includes the use of the library, science lab, music rooms, medical clinic, gymnasium, swimming pool, internet access, textbook rental, Sports day T-shirt (for 2 years), field trips (selected years) and annual medical check-up.

Please contact our finance department at 095 365 4565 for details.


Click on the plus sign for details

How to Pay

You may make school fees payments online 24/7 from the comfort of your own home with our online payment system. To access the online payment form, please click here.

Alternatively, payment can be made directly at the school cashiers office by cash, cashiers cheque (with the same bank clearing zone as the school) or credit card (Visa and MasterCard issued in Thailand only). Please make cheques payable to “Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University” If payment is made by bank transfer, please ensure that your payment covers all bank charges

Please write the student’s name, grade level and telephone number clearly attached with the transfer pay slip and email to the school via [email protected]
For more information please contact 02-792-7500-4

Click here to download bill payment form


Payment Terms and Fees Assessment Policy

Credit Card Charge: A 1.5% charge is levied on all credit card (local payment only) transactions.

Invoicing: All fees are invoiced termly in advance of each new term. Payments must be made by the due date stated on the invoice. Late payment charges apply where fees remain outstanding beyond the due date.

Late Payment: Failure to make full payment by the due date will incur late payment charges.

Late payment charge[s] include:

  1. THB 2,000 once a term fee applied on overdue tuition, EAL/TAL, meals, dormitory, and SEN (if any), plus
  2. Late payment interest of 1.20 % per month is applied on the total outstanding balance from the first day after the due date until payment is received. In case of overdue payments, the school reserves the right to withhold school documents and transcripts until all fees are fully settled. Exclusion from class or the school may also be applied. Additionally, the student will not automatically be re-enrolled in the new term.

Notice of Leaving: Notice in writing is required for any student

Fees info: Creation Date: 9 January 2020, Last Updated: 9 January 2020

Terms and Conditions for Parents
Student Admission Policy
Monthly Instalments Payment Plan 2022
Technology Integration, iPad Programme

THB 9,000 per annum. To support the technology integration and school IT infrastructure for P2-P5.

Admission Fee

THB 85,000 non-refundable one-time fee payable upon acceptance of the student which must be paid before entering the school.

Other Charges

THB. 10,000 per term for music equipment payable only by the Secondary Students majoring in music.


The School requires a number of deposits according to the purposes below that become due when the student registration is submitted or with the first applicable invoice, whichever comes first. These deposits are applicable to all and any students in either Campus. The deposits are not bearing any interest. A deposit can be returned only if claimed within 2 years of the student’s last day at school providing the all other terms and conditions are met.
Student Deposit THB10,000 which purpose is to:

  • provide a security against sudden withdrawals during the Academic Year not in compliance with this policy terms and conditions.


Refund Terms and Conditions:
This deposit can be refunded at the parent/guardian’s request upon the notification of the student withdrawal at the end of an Academic Year or graduation from SBS if:

  1. the student completes the Academic Year.this deposit is forfeited if the student withdraws any time before the end of applicable Academic Year at that time. There is no deposit refund for mid-year or mid-term student withdrawal. Thus, no refund for students who stay with the school less than a full academic year. and if
  2. the School is notified by writing to the Finance Department. The student can notify the Finance Department of their Refund by submitting the Refund Form in person or by email writing to [email protected] for Rangsit Campus and for Chiang Mai Campus to [email protected].


Security Deposit THB5,000 which purpose is to:


  1. assure students return of all the instructional materials (e.g. textbooks, workbooks, resource books, iPad, and science lab materials) provided by the SBS in satisfactory condition;
  2. cover any cost resulting from the student damaging of property of SBS;
  3. c) assure payment of fees and/or other charges due to SBS, including as extracurricular ECA/Camps and late payment fees or interest.


Refund conditions: This deposit can be refunded at the parent/guardian’s request upon the notification of the student’s withdrawal after deducting any damages and unpaid fee as per conditions a), b) and c) of the purpose stated above. However, accounts in delinquent status will still be subject to debt recovery legal actions.

Dormitory Deposit THB10,000 which purpose is to:


  1. cover any cost resulting from the student damaging of property of SBS;
  2. b) assure payment of fees and/or other charges due to SBS including late payment fees or interest.

Refund conditions: This deposit can be refunded at the parent/guardian’s request upon the notification of the student’s withdrawal after deducting any damages and unpaid fee as per conditions a) and b) of the purpose stated above.

Sibling Discount

-10% for 2nd child in the school with siblings
-15% for 3rd child onwords, subject to:

  1. The sibling shares at least one parent or is legally adopted into the family.
  2. The sibling’s brother or sister is currently enrolled and studying at SBS.
  3. The discount[s] is/are applied to the younger siblings in ascending order.

Discount Validation: All discounts (including scholarships), must be strictly validated and full payment of fees and charges made before the due date. Cumulative discounts and/or promotions is not allowed. Parents should confirm the only one discount/promotion they wish to have applied on their invoices.

Dormitory Fees

Dormitory fees are non-refundable and are inclusive of meals, laundry and cleaning service, 24-hour supervision and security.

EAL or TAL Fees

English Additional Language and Thai Additional Language EAL or TAL will be provided to those students recommended by the School to require additional English or Thai language support in the classroom. For more details, please contact the admissions office.

SEN Programme

(Special Education Needs: SEN) Students with special needs may enroll for the SEN Programme. Please contact the school for additional information and fees related to your child’s needs. The school employs a full time psychologist and professionally trained special needs teachers who will discuss your individual requirements.

Saturday School / Summer Camp / ECAs / After School Activities

Participating in Saturday school, summer camp, extracurricular activities (ECAs) or after school activities may incur an additional charge depending on the activity. Each term a range of activities, together with fees for each activity will be offered. Please note that fees are charged on a full-course basis. Neither reimbursement nor discount will be given for late attendance or non-attendance.

Uniforms and Books

Uniforms and books can be purchased from the Finance Office during opening hours. Mon – Fri, 08:00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. and 1.00 pm. – 4.00 p.m.

School Bus

A school bus service is available upon request. For more information please contact the admissions office.

Refund Policy
The Seat Confirmation Deposit Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Child Protection Policy
Safegurading Practices Policy
School Policy on Custody / Separation
Health and Safety Policy
Release Finance Information Policy
Finance Department Working Hours and Cash Payments Limit
Admissions Handbook


Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University awards a number of scholarships to students based on various criteria. Students may receive an academic merit scholarship for outstanding IGCSE/AS Level results, high GPA scores or get a sports scholarship.

How to apply for SBS Scholarships:

    • Carefully read the scholarship types & requirements in the document below to ensure that you meet the criteria for your desired scholarship type. A digital portfolio is required for submission; a sample has been provided for your guidance. Note that applications not meeting the school criteria will not be further evaluated.
Scholarship Types & Requirements
    • Please use the provided link exclusively to request a recommendation letter for the scholarship. Copy this link and share it with the teacher, or individual, to whom you request to write this recommendation for your scholarship. It is important to use only this designated link for recommendation requests.
    • Complete and submit your application via the scholarship application link. Ensure that your recommendation letter has been submitted and your portfolio is ready for attachment to the application form.


Please feel free to contact our Student Development Team, if you have any questions about scholarships: Mr. Stuart Martin Rhodes [email protected] or Kru Lek [email protected] .

Rangsit University Quota

The admission quota for Rangsit University:

* SBS students are exempt from the competitive entrance exams.
* A faculty for which students have an interview exam
* SBS students have an interview exam and a practiacal exam.
Remark Student who wants to apply to RSU quota has to study at SBS a minimum of 3 years (M.4-M.6)

SBS Kids Club

For more information on how to join our Kids Club, please click on the plus sign below:

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Welcome Day

Please do not hesitate to call our admissions office if you have any questions about the admissions. We also invite you to visit the school. To sign up for the upcoming Open House Day and Student Showcase Day, please click the button below and fill out the form.