World-Class Bilingual School “BUILDING LEADERS for TOMORROW”

School Uniqueness We are a world-class bilingual school that is building leaders for tomorrow.

School Identity Internationalisation through Bilingual Communication

With SBS your future is secure
Our school prepares students for top Thai and International Universities. We offer pre-university courses that earn students university credits and early university placement. Cambridge Qualifications ensure that no foundation year is needed after the admittance. Dual degree programmes ar Rangsit University and abroad universities. Focus on the career. Click on the plus sign below for more details on how our school prepares students for universities and for life.

SBS – Securing your Future

Modern Curriculum
Cambridge International Educational Studies and Thai Ministry of Education Standards. Please click on the plus sign below to compare the curricula.

Curricula Comparison

School Concepts

A Truly Bilingual Education SBS aims to provide a solid bilingual educational foundation integrating Thailand’s educational curriculum with international curricula. Teachers at both kindergarten and grade levels represent a balanced ratio of Thai and native English speaking teachers. The classrooms use state of the art multimedia and employ theories of language acquisition and process-based learning.

Hands-On Learning SBS focuses on activity-based learning. Students are treated individually so that they can learn at their own pace. The school aims to provide hands-on opportunities where students can develop skills through practical investigation and research and having acquired these skills can help to guide their own future learning.

Technology as a Tool At SBS Information and Communication Technology is used as a tool applied throughout the fields of teaching, learning, communication and administering of the school. The students use technology as an integrated tool throughout the curriculum to enrich and support their learning and staff use appropriate technology as a resource for effective management of their work in support of the students’ education. The school provides timely and appropriate information via its website.

The Whole Student At SBS students are holistically educated in all aspects of academic, social, emotional, cultural and moral values. The school aims to develop students self-discipline and self-reliance and an understanding of themselves in the world around them, including a strong awareness and appreciation of Thai culture by honouring and respecting family values and traditions.

Class Size Classes do not exceed 30 students per class to ensure effective individual student supervision.