Education is about guiding and supporting young people

We know that children have an array of differing needs, both educational and emotional, but they also have an exciting assortment of dreams, hopes and aspirations. The success and happiness of your child is what drives me and every staff member at SBS to be 100% committed.

At SBS we strive for academic excellence in a well-disciplined, friendly and supportive community. We believe that if children feel happy and secure they will flourish and grow as individuals.

When you walk through our corridors, I am certain that you will see and feel that sense of delight, diligence and wonder on the faces of our children. Our students enjoy their education and have positive attitudes to learning. They are confident, friendly, happy, well-motivated and lively in their outlook and in their approach to all that they do. They also display a strong sense of pride in their school, from the very youngest in Foundation Stage to those in the growing secondary section of the school.

At SBS, we understand that education is about guiding and supporting young people on a pathway of success. My staff and I are confident that each child in our care will unlock and realise their potential and indeed, aspire beyond it with our support. We also recognise that education is a shared responsibility between family and school and we truly value the partnership that we forge with our parents. Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family makes and we hope that the information on our website will help you and your child make an informed decision.

Heinrich Fourie

Head of School