At Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai Early Years, we value the natural world and provide children with opportunities to roam and discover in a variety of spaces. Early experiences with nature are linked to the development of imagination and a sense of wonder. Outdoor experiences help build children’s natural curiosities through opportunities for self-directed play.






Creative play provides children with the opportunity to think out loud. This is how they make their ideas visible to us and is a key translator of children’s thinking. This play fosters collaboration, confidence growth and self-esteem. Playing outdoors provides a different and changing environment for children’s imagination. And, children who play regularly in natural environments show more advanced physical development; including coordination, balance and agility. Outdoor play reduces stress and anxiety further contributing to the well-being of each child.









Our love of nature at SBS Chiangmai also extends to our Actions. We “reduce and reuse” materials to show our love for the earth and awareness of our environmental impact. We are proud to be apart of the Green Roof Project, contributing to local communities through recycling all our school cartons.









Our children learn to grow their own vegetables in our nature garden and are taught to respect and care for wildlife even including observing insects in their natural habitats.









Through outdoor play, our children can gain confidence, get messy and have lots of fun.

Dr. Apiramon Ourairat, Chief Executive Officer
Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University