At Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai even our youngest students enjoy their learning spaces. The school facilities were designed by award-winning architects. Professional educators were their partners from conception to completion.

Parents are proud to show off the school to others. We, too, know the importance of classrooms being equipped with the most up-to-date educational technology, along with the most advanced air conditioning systems. The science laboratories, and music and art studios are first-class, too.







Physical spaces are not just classrooms and labs of course. The furniture is important, too. This is especially important for the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-age children. Even the washrooms need to be just the right size for the youngest learners. The storage spaces in which they keep personal items such as tooth brushes, and shoes for the playground are customised. Occasionally one can notice a jacket or a toque needed for the chilly winter months of northern Thailand.










Mid-morning snack time, including a milk break, are ideal times for chatting and learning to observe certain courtesies such as ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’.










Then there is lunch time. Such a happy time. The young children sit on cushions in small groups, supervised by teachers who speak English and teachers who speak Thai. After lunch, another time for an informal hygiene lesson, prior to nap time for the youngest learners.










Older students enjoy their mid-day meal at the ever popular open-air covered canteen. Healthy, tasty food, including fresh vegetables and fruit.

SBS Chiangmai is a truly international school. Students come from our ASEAN neighbours: China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, for example. They join local northern Thai students and, of course, European children whose families live in Chiang Mai. A truly international student body.


Dr. Apiramon Ourairat, Chief Executive Officer
Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University