Primary Years Programme

Message from the Primary Years Programme team

Welcome to SBS. At SBS we believe in developing and nurturing caring, honest and considerate global citizens. SBS follows a bilingual model of education that enables a child to be a socially engaged local and internationally minded learner. We are an IB world school and we follow the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program from K to P-5 and an accredited Cambridge International School curriculum for middle and secondary school from P-6 to M-6.

As educators, we strongly believe in the IB philosophy which supports the idea of nurturing the inquisitiveness inherently present in a child. IBPYP aims at using this to encourage students' to ask questions, observe, collaborate, gather and synthesise information while taking ownership of their own learning. An SBS scholar becomes a caring, balanced and principled human being.

IBPYP curriculum provides an opportunity to look beyond the subjects and use the lenses of key concepts to integrate knowledge across subjects, allowing them to make connections in a more meaningful way.

SBS empowers our young learners with the right attitude and ability to take on life's challenges in a positive way, and to create a sustainable and empathetic world for all. We welcome you as a partner in your child's learning journey, as together we will build a generation of young adults who will shape a better world for all.

SBS Primary Leadership Team