Chiang Mai Academics

Ms. Kailah Searle-Scott


Kailah graduated from The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art) in Scotland and is currently in her second year at SBS. Previously she taught children aged 1-3 for three years at a nursery in the UK. She also has experience working with children who have additional support needs as well as teaching primary aged students at after school clubs and workshops. Kailah is an artist and enjoys going to events and galleries as well as making her own work. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and is an active member of two collectives. She loves to travel, explore and discover new things. As a creative individual, Kailah comes up with many innovative ideas which have helped shape Toddler Class. She has contributed to developing the new curriculum, a child-centred approach based on observation and needs of the child. She also makes lots of her own learning materials and toys as well as books and displays. She has transformed the SBS Messy Room, building a space that can be enjoyed by all of the children in Kindergarten.